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About Dr. A

The Snap Method

"Your success or failure is determined by the hard-wiring of your brain."

What does all this talk about 'hard-wiring' of the brain mean? It means that our brains have been programmed with specific attitudes and patterns that cause us to act and react in specific ways. This programming is unconscious, but it is hardwired into our brains, into our very physiology through neuropathways.

Some of this hard-wiring (or conditioning) is benign, just an efficient use of our brains. We're hard-wired to brush our teeth in a certain sequence or sleep on a certain side of the bed.

But often the hard-wiring in our brain has messages that are negative and limiting—and it rules our lives!

Ever have a goal that you can't quite seem to attain or a habit that you can't break no matter how hard you try? That's because the hard-wiring of your brain is sabotaging your efforts, enlisting your entire physiology to make sure that you don't become different than your conditioned, hard-wired beliefs say you are. Great intentions, brilliant affirmations and even determined willpower can't overcome a firmly entrenched neuropathway!

Snap Out of it Now!® methods are designed to help you re-wire your brain to work for you, not against you. These techniques allow you to consciously train your brain to support optimal health, success, and well-being by helping you to:

  • Increase focus, creativity, and eagerness
  • Remove unconscious barriers and obstacles to your goals
  • Activate your ability to choose rather than react
  • Meet life challenges with confidence and calm
  • Respond positively and effectively to change
  • Reduce negative impacts of a stressful life
  • Experience more energy and JOY

Dr. A says:

"99% of the limitations we experience in life are the result of 'false truths' that have been hardwired into our brains. We either face it, or get chased by it. These techniques are simple but powerful. It takes a little persistence to re-wire your brain – but aren't your dreams and goals worth it?"