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It’s Time to “Free the Mohini” Inside You!

tiger_series-1.jpgJust like your body will reject a transplanted organ that is not compatible to it, your brain – the most powerful muscle you have – will reject thoughts, ideas, or possibilities that are incompatible or foreign to it. Because your brain is hardwired or conditioned.  How you are conditioned determines your success or failure.

To understand this concept better, let me share a true story:

In the 1960's, President Eisenhower received the gift of a rare, gorgeous white tiger named Mohini.

For years, Mohini lived in the Washington zoo and spent her days pacing back and forth in a 12 by 12 foot cage, walking continuously in the same figure eight pattern hundreds of times every day.

Finally the zoo decided to build her a more lush, sprawling habitat so Mohini could run, stretch, climb and explore. Her new home included several acres of trees, grassy hills and a pond.

But when Mohini arrived at her new, lush home, she didn’t react the way everyone expected. She didn’t rush out, eagerly exploring and adopting what seemed to be her natural habitat. Instead, she immediately ran to a far corner by the wall, marked off a 12 by 12 foot square for herself, and stayed in that square pacing until the area was worn bare.

And she stayed there until her death, never enjoying the wide-open opportunities in front of her.

Mohini demonstrates the classic conditioning most of us live within. Mohini, a magnificent, powerful creature, was convinced her "place" was just a 12 by 12 foot square. Everything in her physiology told her that she must stay in her self-imposed cage.

You and I are exactly the same as Mohini. Based on our conditioning, we have created invisible cages for ourselves, and we limit our lives to stay within these cages. Even high achievers limit themselves to cages. Their cages are just a different size than perhaps yours or mine.

The Snap Out of it NOW!® processes are designed to free you from your imagined cages and rewire your brain so you accomplish more than you thought possible. Once you free the Mohini inside, nothing is impossible!