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Speaking Testimonials

Drawing from 15 years of research and client work, Dr. Ahern's inspirational keynotes and life-changing workshops offer practical tools and techniques to train our brains to work for us, not against us. Read on to discover how attendees at Dr. A's speaking engagements learned to Snap Out of it Now!® and Free the Mohini!

"Dr. Ahern,
I just wanted to say how thrilled I was with your talk at Scripps La Jolla tonight (5/6). I have my MA in Sport Psychology & am exploring PhD options. Not only did you fill the missing piece in my own journey of self-growth with your 1st 3 steps, but you also provided me tools to help ensure better success with my own clients and students.. Additionally, I now know where I want to take my education as I have been researching PhD programs this year. Being out of school 4 years, I have been searching for what to continue my study in and what answers I have found in your work! Thank you Thank you Thank you!"

  - Beverly Hosford, MA, San Diego, CA
"I have been in the financial services business for twenty-five years. Over the course of those twenty-five years I have hosted countless seminars, but never have I seen every audience member so captivated by a speaker. Not even with the distracting ocean views behind them did I once see a listener turn to gaze out aimlessly at the scenery. Beginning with an interesting anecdote about a tiger that refused to “think outside the box,” Dr. Ahern quickly seized the attention of the room and held it throughout her speech. The confidence that exuded from herself and her research led the audience to soak in every word. Not only was her speech inspirational, but it was also funny at times, which helped keep people engaged and intently listening. Her sixty-minute talk seemed over all too quickly and shortly after the applause settled down I had already been asked by the lady sitting next to me when the next seminar was going to be."
  - Michael R. Frager, CFP®, ChFC President, Seahorse Capital, Inc.
"I very much enjoyed Dr. Ahern's presentation at eWomen Network.  Her poignant comments, supported by her visual aids, really resonated with me.  She makes a powerful case about each of us having the ability to reprogram our (negative) thinking -- no supplements needed."
  - Kristy Hawke, Nevada Women's Expo 
"Dr. Ahern's presentation inspired me into self reflection, and numerous others at her talk felt the same. Her work not only provides motivation to take a closer look at how we live our lives, but it offers specific, understandable processes for creating change. The four steps of Dr. Ahern's Snap Out of it Now!® program are straightforward and profoundly effective. Dr. Ahern's method makes self-healing and self-growth manageable and doable."
  - Paul W. Randolph, Psy.D., CEAP, Clinical/Organizational Psychologist, Director, Scripps Employee Assistance Program
"Terrific! Dr. Ahern imparts the importance of compassionately, patiently, but firmly bringing our patterns to awareness. Adrianne reminds us that our thoughts are embedded in our physiology!”
  - Ken Druck, Ph.D., Executive Coach, Author, "The Secrets Men Keep," "Healing Your Life After the Loss of a Loved One" and “How to Talk to Your Kids...,”
"Easily digested. Dr. Ahern picked me up (at the end of a 14 hour day.) She reminds me that I have the power to change.”
  - Laurie Gordon, Manager of Food Services, Scripps Memorial Hospital La Jolla, CA
"Dr. A teaches a technique that is applicable to everyone in all walks of life. You don’t have to be an athlete or business exec. to benefit.”
  -  Jeff Krumeich, Financial Advisor, A.G. Edwards, La Jolla, CA
"Excellent speaker! Great material! Valuable information for all of us. Dr. Ahern’s talk was so well put together and her examples were right on the mark. Well done!”
  Betty LeMenager, Retired Business Executive, Ramona, CA
"Dr. Ahern presents a very interesting way to achieve positive results—she taught me how to control my outcome with my mind’s focus."
   -  Matt Terzo, PGA Member
"Exceptional speaker who holds audience & speaks quickly to her points!"
   - Robert Erickson, Business Owner
"Dr. Ahern has valuable skills and knowledge that are backed by education and scientific data. This is what makes her different than others who claim to coach individuals to a better life.”
  - Amanda Rammel, Chiropractor
"Adrianne is an excellent, uplifting speaker who grabs your attention with valuable information.”
  Janet Storie, Owner of “Sparkles," Reno, NV
"Adrianne is a very inspiring and motivating speaker. With her 4-steps for rewiring the brain, I learned how I can get “unplugged” from my negative beliefs."
  - Marta Malone