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Speaking Testimonials

"I have been in the financial services business for twenty-five years. Over the course of those twenty-five years I have hosted countless seminars, but never have I seen every audience member so captivated by a speaker. Not even with the distracting ocean views behind them did I once see a listener turn to gaze out aimlessly at the scenery. Beginning with an interesting anecdote about a tiger that refused to “think outside the box,” Dr. Ahern quickly seized the attention of the room and held it throughout her speech. The confidence that exuded from herself and her research led the audience to soak in every word. Not only was her speech inspirational, but it was also funny at times, which helped keep people engaged and intently listening. Her sixty-minute talk seemed over all too quickly and shortly after the applause settled down I had already been asked by the lady sitting next to me when the next seminar was going to be."

- Michael R. Frager, CFP®, ChFC President, Seahorse Capital, Inc.



Personal Testimonials

"I have to tell you... I am now on page 113 of 143 of your book -- got up very early this morning and have been peacefully reading it ever since.  Had to drag myself away from it in order to get ready to get into the office by 8:30am!  It is very definitely having an affect on me - a good one.  As I read I find myself wanting to have all 3 of my girls to start reading it immediately too!   When I got to work I used some of your tools and was able to do something that I have been struggling with for years, so I am experiencing immediate results! Thank you!"

- MaryAnn Smtih
  ColdWell Banker Realtor
  Del Mar, CA



Testimonials on Snap Out of it NOW!® and Back in Charge!

"With a life that revolves around constant deadlines, I find Dr. A's techniques for snapping out of mental blocks and limitations both brilliant and easy. The athlete in me adores her methods for achieving peak performance—whether I'm on the first chapter of a new book, or in the third set of a tennis match."

Linda Sivertsen
Award-winning author, West Coast Editor of Balance magazine